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About Us

Bangs Law Office was started in 1995 by its principal, Michael L. Bangs. Mr. Bangs previously was a partner in the law firm of Andes, Vaughn & Bangs having practiced with them from 1984 until 1995. Bangs Law Office was formed to provide clients with exceptional legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The firm is kept small by design so that clients know that they are dealing with an experienced attorney on every matter. If there are issues that clients encounter that need a particular specialist, the firm acts as general counsel in locating the appropriate referral and overseeing that work, again to ensure that the client is receiving legal services in the best manner possible.

Michael L. Bangs, Attorney-at-Law

The firm’s clients include businesses that are highly regulated such as quarry operators, highway contractors, international aviation companies, and automobile dealerships as well as those who are less regulated such as commercial and residential contractors, professional practices, payroll companies, IT providers and other small businesses. The firm also works with and for various government agencies.

The firm also provides individuals with counseling on business startup issues such as entity choice, stock and partnership agreements, and all other issues that arise at the inception of a business. The firm assists individuals and entities in the acquisition and management of commercial real estate and assists with the purchase of residential real estate. In order to enhance that representation and provide additional services, Michael L. Bangs, its principal, obtained his associate broker’s real estate license in 2007 and is affiliated with Lawyers Realty, LLC and provides title insurance through his affiliation with Assured Land Transfers, Inc. The firm also provides estate planning services and works with individuals’ respective professionals including their accountants, brokers, and life insurance providers to make sure that the plan addresses each individual’s needs. The firm also assists executors and administrators in estate administration.

We know that all legal issues, large and small, are important to our clients and that they should expect timely attention to all their legal issues. By maintaining the size of our practice and limiting the number of clients that we serve, we ensure that our clients receive personal attention in an efficient manner.

Please contact us at info@BangsLawOffice.com for more information.