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Estate Planning

Will: A document in which you decide what you want done with your belongings following your death. If you die without a will, state law decides what is done with your property and your belongings – this is generally more expensive and not necessarily in line with what you may want. A will can even designate who receives certain specific items in the event of your death, such as an antique passed through the family, or a sentimental piece of jewelry. Additionally, a will allows you to name a guardian to care for your children who are under 18 years of age at the time of your death. Without a will, these vitally important decisions are made by the state. Since there are certain specific requirements to create a legally effective will, it is important to have an experienced attorney, such as Michael Bangs, in control of the process. Please contact us at info@BangsLawOffice.com.

Power of Attorney: A document in which you can give another person the power to make decisions for you, in the event that you are unable to do so yourself. This document is important in the event that you are on vacation, ill, or otherwise unavailable when an important life or business decision presents itself. If you are not available to make the decision, the person that you name in this document can make the decision for you and is required to make the decision with your best interests in mind. Attorney Michael Bangs can design this document so that it is limited to the types of decisions you choose and for the period of time you desire.

Health Care Power of Attorney / Living Will: A living will is a document in which you choose the types of life-prolonging medical treatments you would and would not like to have if necessary to prolong your life. A Health Care Power of Attorney names another person to make medical decisions for you in the event you are no longer able to do so for yourself. These decisions will only be effective at the point in time in which your physician decides that you are incapacitated to the point that you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. Together, these documents are important because they allow you to decide what you want done with your own life, and Attorney Michael Bangs’ help in creating them will ensure that your wishes are honored at the time of your incapacitation.

Probate & Estate Administration

When a loved one dies, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed in order to properly complete an estate distribution. This is the time an experienced, trusted probate lawyer is needed. The probate process can be overwhelming for loved ones at a time when they are dealing with a recent death. Mr. Bangs is experienced with courthouse procedures; negotiating with creditors; addressing issues associated with insolvent estates, inheritance tax returns, federal estate tax returns, and all other aspects of estate administration. Mr. Bangs and his staff bring personal attention to your needs at a time when you are grieving and understand the need to efficiently and effectively assist you in the estate administration process.

Contact Bangs Law Office if you have any questions about estate administration or need assistance in the administration of an estate.

Business Advisory Services

For various business, tax, and legal reasons, the designation of what type of business you are forming is vitally important. The right attorney can help you form the correct type of business entity to fit your specific purposes. Additionally, in order to form a business entity in Pennsylvania, you may have to apply to the Secretary of State for the authority to conduct business and to operate under a certain business name. Attorney Michael Bangs can compile the necessary forms and information to make this a smooth and easy task. Some of the more common business formations are described below:

  • Sole Proprietorship: A business formed by one person in which the owner is also personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the business.
  • Partnership: A corporation formed by two or more individuals in which the tax consequences are reported through the individual partners. There are different types of partnerships – general and limited – and the choice will depend on your wants and needs. It is also extremely important to have an attorney draw up a partnership agreement that answers questions as to what happens to profits, losses, changes in status, etc. as between the partners in order to minimize any future confusion.
  • S Corporation: A corporation in which income, losses, and other tax consequences are reported through the individual owners of the corporation rather than the corporation itself. There is a limitation of liability on the individual owners of the corporation, such that they are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation itself. To receive the “S Corporation” designation, and sometimes favorable tax treatment, specific paperwork must be filed with the IRS within a specific period of time, a task that a capable attorney such as Michael Bangs can easily accomplish.
  • LLC (Limited Liability Corporation): Combines elements of both partnerships and corporations. Also limits the liability of the individual owners of the corporation so that they cannot be liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation itself. An LLC can receive certain favorable tax consequences, but is required to file a specific document referred to as a “Certificate of Organization” with the State. Michael Bangs can ensure that this paperwork is accurately and timely filed so that you can reap the benefits of an LLC designation.

Commercial Litigation

In addition to the formation of a business entity, issues sometimes arise after the business has been in operation. Commercial litigation is extremely complex and often involves significant amounts of money and possibly the future viability of the business. Attorney Michael Bangs has been involved in several complex commercial cases in which his clients have received awards in excess of $1 million dollars. While the outcome and recovery of each case is limited by the facts surrounding it, Michael Bangs has the experience and knowledge to resolve your case in a manner which will serve the best interests of you and your business.

Real Estate

A transaction involving the sale and purchase of property involves many different financial, tax, and legal implications. The assistance of a knowledgeable attorney such as Michael Bangs can help greatly in making sense of these documents and ensuring that you receive exactly what you bargain for. Among the real estate services with which Attorney Bangs can assist you:

  • Buying, Selling, or Refinancing your Home: From preparing a contract regarding an offer or acceptance of an offer, to handling the paperwork for the bank and preparing the deed, Michael Bangs can assist you in the entire process to buy your dream house, or sell the one that you no longer dream about.
  • Real Estate Closing: Even if you did not use an attorney to make an offer on a piece of property you are buying, it is advisable to have one with you at closing. Attorney Michael Bangs can ensure that your prior mortgage is paid off, that all paperwork is properly completed, and that you receive a clear and accurate deed to your new property. Additionally, Attorney Bangs will work solely for your interests, rather than if you are represented by a real estate agent who is often helping both the buyer and the seller.
  • Title Insurance: This is a requirement when you borrow money from a bank to buy property. Title insurance protects your interest in the property to make sure no one else can claim some of its value. Michael Bangs can ensure that you have a clear title and obtain title insurance for a reasonable cost.
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Selling your home without a real estate agent can save you a significant amount of money. However, the paperwork and negotiations are still complex, and you will still save money, but be protected by using Attorney Michael Bangs to oversee the process.
  • Commercial Properties: The issues involved with purchasing or selling commercial real estate are vast – zoning, investment issues, formation of a corporation, leases, tax assessment, etc. Additionally, these projects usually involve a significant amount of time, effort, and money. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable and competent attorney with experience in similar matters, such as Michael Bangs, to assist you in meeting the legal and technical obligations of such a significant investment.
  • Real Estate Broker: Michael Bangs is a licensed real estate broker affiliated with Lawyers Realty, LLC., in addition to being an attorney. As a broker, Attorney Bangs has extensive experience with the negotiations involved in buying and selling real estate, both residential and commercial; as an attorney, he has extensive experience with the paperwork and legalities required to accompany such a purchase or sale.
  • Problems Involving Property / Real Estate: Occasionally, problems arise with real estate, such as a zoning issue, a claim to a right of way, or a question revolving around an easement. In such a situation, it is essential to have an attorney research, and if necessary, litigate your position in the Court system; failure to do so could result in your loss of some or all of your property rights. Michael Bangs has experience with these situations and can work to protect your property interests.

Auto & Truck Accidents

Auto Accidents: The occurrence of a simple car accident is one of the most essential situations in which you need an attorney, such as Michael Bangs. With issues ranging from car repairs, medical bills, lost wages, and possible loss of limb of life, the legal complications are enormous and require a trained professional. In particular, Attorney Bangs can speak on your behalf and explain your situation to the various insurance companies involved so that you are not subject to their constant questions and general reluctance to help. Even if you were somewhat at fault in causing an accident, it is possible that Attorney Bangs will still be able to recover some compensation for you.

It is unadvisable for you to settle on your own claim without the assistance of an attorney – while the insurance company may be willing to settle with you, you may miss out on substantial payments and compensation to which you may be entitled but which the insurance company has no obligation to tell you about.

Truck Accidents: A crash involving a tractor-trailer truck presents even more issues than a general car accident. In addition to the same issues involved in an auto accident, when a tractor-trailer truck is involved, liability on part of both the driver and the owner/employer may be implicated. Truck accidents can happen for a number of reasons, such as failure of the employer to limit the hours of the driver, violations of traffic laws, or a failure to properly inspect the truck. Attorney Michael Bangs can uncover these causes and discuss them with the insurance company to represent your interests and ensure that you recover the highest amount of compensation to which you are entitled. While each case is unique and results are not guaranteed in any case, Attorney Bangs has been involved in several truck-accident death cases in which his clients were able to recover awards in excess of $1 million.